Why Use Le Grand Marketing

Properly Executed Marketing

You find yourself doing so many roles such as manager, accountant, human resources, IT, customer service etc, that marketing often ends up being haphazard, not properly executed or not done at all. This is where I can add value to your business.

So Much Competition

Whether you manage a sporting club, a fitness studio, or any business related to the health and wellness industry, you know how challenging this is, especially with so much competition in the market.

Grow Your Business

Your core focus is running a business and my specialty is marketing. By working together, you can concentrate on what you do best and I can focus on creating and managing successful marketing campaigns for your business.

Fresh Perspective, New Ideas

It is important to get a fresh perspective on your business as well as some different views and creative ideas. I can provide you with ideas you may have never considered or never had the time or resources to do so.

Total Flexibility

You probably don’t have the time, money or need a full time marketing person. Working with Le Grand Marketing, you have the flexibility to decide when you need help, in what areas and how often.

The Greatest Value

As I am not an agency, my overheads are very low – this keep costs down so you are guaranteed the greatest value for money on all expenses.

I Know The Industry

When we work together, I hit the ground running as I have the experience and understand the industry back to front.

On Time, Within Your Budget

I offer experience, professionalism and results – on time and within your budget. I guarantee the best return on all your marketing investments.


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