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Just for a Day

Want your own marketing manger for a day?

Most small businesses don’t have the money to employ a marketing manager or the time to train someone up to understand the industry.


A full time marketing person usually costs over $80K, a marketing consultant can charge thousands of dollars and using an agency comes with all the extra costs of overheads you have to pay for.


If you can’t afford a full time time marketing manager but would like to have the expertise for a short period of time or for a one off project, then having a marketing manager for a day is ideal for you.


After a free initial consultation, pay only $385 and I will be your marketing manager for 7 hours of a day (or half a day over two days within a week) working at your club, studio or wherever you want to meet.


This time could be used to:


  • Review all your marketing such as your Web site, social media and collateral and recommend how they can be improved,
  • Develop your marketing plans and strategies to give you better direction,
  • Provide you with tips and tricks to get more engagement with your social media activities,
  • Suggest new sources of leads, creative campaigns and write some blogs,
  • Set up LinkedIn, Facebook or other online ads,
  • Identify opportunities to give you a better return on your marketing budget,
  • Provide advice and training in any area of marketing you need help on.


So if you want better results from your social media, a more organised approach to your marketing and creative ideas to drive more sales, then contact me today.

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