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The top 10 social media trends you want to know for 2020

The top 10 social media trends you want to know for 2020

In the year 2019 social media is as prominent as it has ever been. It is more crucial than ever before that you bring your business into the 21st century and utilise the various social media platforms that can be found all over the web. But how should you be using these platforms effectively for the current times? We will look below at some of the 2019 innovations in social media and what to keep an eye on for your future advertising and customer.

1. Monitoring privacy concerns

In 2019 the fear has arisen of privacy concerns, especially for Facebook users. That being said, people have become more wary of what they click on and how their information is used. Assuring your customers are aware that their information will remain private and confidential can boost their trust in you and your brand. People are more likely to buy from brands that they trust in.

2. Social media as a sales tool for your business

In recent years social media has become a great and influential platform for businesses, big and small. Utilising this trend, one which is not likely to go away anytime soon, is important to bring your business into the 21st century. People are spending more and more time online so it is evident that they will likely spend a ;lot of their time shopping online as well. Take advantage of the social media age and start advertising and communicating online, whether it is promotional material, sales or even just giving advice to your clients.

3. Social networks are a great way to improve customer service

You can use social media in so many ways to promote your business and interact with customers. This can be as simple as a Facebook message to confirm an order or tracking information, or respond to customer comments or complaints in a public platform. No matter how you choose to use it, social media is a great way to interact with customers, whether this may be directly or indirectly.

4. Make creative posts, quality trumps quantity every time!

Quality posts on your social media platforms is important in order to lure in new and potential customers and promote your business effectively. Putting out a lot of content is not so effective if it is not quality, or relevant to your business. People will likely get disinterested if you post a vast amount of half-hearted posts. If you can create interesting and appealing content then this will most certainly maintain your audience.

5. Put a face to the name

Putting a face to your business will help for your potential customers to relate on a personal level with your message and products. It is much harder to relate when you are simply presented with a logo and although this is purely aesthetic it does much more than simply put a face to the name.

6. Eastern influences on the Western world

Up until recent years, social media was largely influenced by western culture, specifically the United States. Now that the internet has lessened the gap between countries and we have been more exposed to eastern culture, this has had quite a great impact on our social media platforms and our desires in regards to purchasing and advertising. This diversity in the current market means that there is a whole new range of advertising techniques that can be effectively utilised to sell products in an online platform.

7. Live video promotion

The influence of live video as a promotional tool is vastly underestimated, but this trend is on the rise even now. Visual stimulation for advertising is extremely effective and live video is a newer introduction to many social media platforms. Take the opportunity to start regular, weekly or monthly, live video promotions or updates for your business so that customers can speak directly with you and get their questions answered in a timely manner. Being able to speak with you, even if you can not see their face, is more of a personal touch for your potential customers and will likely have a greater effect on them than other visual advertising materials.

8. Being part of various platforms

There is a different audience for each social media platform. Being able to find which platforms will work best for your business is important. For example there is a younger demographic using platforms like Instagram than Facebook. Being part of many different platforms and tailoring your posts to each platform and audience is also just as important.

9. Storytelling on social media

Your audience wants to know not only what you are selling and about your business, but also something that will interest them and draw them in. A storytelling post is the perfect way to do so. Peaking their interest through something other that blatant advertising is a way in which you can get your following involved and connect with them on a personal level.

10. Build a narrative to accompany your brand

Along the same lines as storytelling posts, sharing the story of how your business began is a great way to involve your audience. If they can relate to your struggles and the point of view that you may share then they will be more likely to by from you over your competition. This can be easily done through social media platforms and blogging, while you can also display your story on your website so that it is shared as much as possible and reaches a large amount of potential clients. We often underestimate how important it is to connect with our customers, not just sell to them.

There may be several other emerging social media trends in 2019 that could take off very shortly, but in the current market the above points are something to keep in mind when using social media as an advertising portal for your business. If you incorporate as many features as possible then you are more likely to connect with your potential audience and

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