Facebook Pixel Kickstart - Le Grand Marketing


Does your marketing need a kickstart?


Do you manage a fitness business and:


  • Don’t have time to spend on your social media plans?
  • Have not been seeing the return on the time and money you spend on marketing?
  • Feel your marketing and social media needs a complete review from top to bottom to see how it can be improved?


Then choose one of my options below to kickstart your marketing back to life to help build your brand, grow your business and bring in new members.


Choose your projectWhat you getCosts
Personalised marketing planBusiness summary
Target audience analysis
Competitor analysis
Business SWOT analysis
Marketing KPIs
Your personalised marketing objectives and strategies
12 month campaign design
12 month Budget
Personalised social media planReview of your current social media activities
Social media objectives
Your Social media strategies and tactics
Target audience analysis
Competitor analysis
12 month content schedule
Monthly online promotions
Social media & marketing auditA complete review and recommendations of your social media and marketing and how it can be improved including your:
- Social media profiles
- Web site performance
- Social media content
- Online advertising
- Collateral and flyers
- Emails
- Blogs
- Newsletters


If you need anything else that is not listed above, just let me know and I will put together a proposal to meet both your requirements and budget.