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Looking for leads

Do you need more leads for your business?

One of the most pressing issues all businesses face is how to generate more leads.


This has become so much more challenging for all businesses. Personal budgets of potential prospects have become tighter as living costs have increased, marketplace competition has increased and people are expecting more for their money.


Lead generation, therefore, has become increasingly important and can be the difference between a business making a profit or shutting its doors.


So if you need some new ideas on where to source more leads for your fitness or sports business, just like my Facebook page, contact me and I will send you a free check list of 50 traditional, creative and unusual ways you can find more leads.


Once you decide which sources you want to use, send your checklist back to me and I can work with you in developing an integrated marketing campaign, using those sources, to generate additional leads and provide more sales for your business. This would include defining your objectives, channels of communication, implementing the details and measuring the results.

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