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The top 10 reasons to use Facebook groups

The top 10 reasons to use Facebook groups

As fitness owners struggle to reach their audience with Facebook page content, many are turning to Facebook groups to deliver their brand’s message and connect with fans.

Many marketers compare Facebook pages to a monologue and groups to a dialogue; while a brand is in control of its page content, group content is typically more user-driven, and that’s a good thing. This makes groups a great option for busy fitness business owners with limited time to develop social media content. In a group, members do a lot of the work for you.

This also means that users are more invested in the content, spurring meaningful engagement and interaction among group members. As fans connect with one another around your content, you’ll score points with Facebook’s algorithm, as well as potential customers.

1. Notification

When you add a new post to your Facebook business page, it is all too easy to miss. But when you add a new post to your Facebook group page, members receive a notification.

Members do have the ability to turn this off but if you provide great content, people will look forward to the updates and won’t want to miss any updates.

2. Greater engagement

A lot of people don’t want to join the conversation on a post made by a business, but if it’s in a group setting, that barrier is removed. It gives you the opportunity to be more personal. You are the face behind the group, not a company name and logo. Consumers want to engage with a person, not a company.

Part of your job as the Facebook group admin is to encourage people to engage. To do this, respond to questions, chime in on posts, and share questions or discussion prompts. If your group is designed to help people learn or build their skills, challenges can be a fun way to get group members to engage. Regular challenges not only help drive engagement, but they also keep group members coming back to find out what’s new, take part, learn, and grow.

3. Makes your members feel warm and fuzzy

Groups are exclusive communities for your most engaged fans, so group content should reflect that exclusivity. Members should feel like they’re getting something special, such as members-only offers and behind-the-scenes access to your brand.

4. Greater flexibility with Facebook Live

Interestingly, in groups, any member can go live, while only admins can access the live video feature on a general business page. The difference reflects the collaborative culture of groups. While Facebook Live is (relatively) not a new tool, it’s not as used as often as it should be. The algorithm loves live video and it’s a great way to give members a behind-the-scenes look at your brand.

It’s easy to start a live video in your group, but don’t dive in unprepared. Post once or twice leading up to the live stream to let group members know that you’ll be going live and give them a reason to watch. Before you start the broadcast, consider your surroundings. Avoid locations with an echo, a crowd, wind, or noise from an air conditioner.

5. Plan a Get-Together

Get Together makes it easy to set up a face-to-face meeting with Facebook group members. To organise a get-together, navigate to the discussion and create a post.

Click on Get Together and then write a brief description, select a time, and determine a location. Group members will be notified of the invitation.

6. Poll Members for Input and Preferences

Use the Polls feature in groups to find out what type of content interests your members. To take a poll, navigate to the Discussion tab and create a post. Click Poll and then write a question or prompt and provide a few choices.

Groups are a great source of immediate feedback, and if you build a niche group from the beginning, the feedback you receive will be extremely valuable. By creating a poll in your group, you can receive feedback on any subject matter or question you might have.

This can provide beneficial for any fitness business. Facebook Groups allow you to poll your members and receive feedback as well as start a conversation around any topic. From product concept feedback to customer experiences, it’s a source of the most raw and honest feedback you can find in an online environment.

7. Who’s the boss?

When you create your own Facebook Group Page, you are in essence the leader of that Group Page. You control what gets posted, create the rules, and provide your members with an empowering environment. If you do a good job at your leadership role in your Facebook Group Page, you will gain more respect from your members, and that respect will translate into your brand’s growth.

8. Build up a Loyal Fan Base

The members who post and comment in your Facebook Group Page often form your loyal fan base. Having a loyal fan base is essential to the growth of your brand and spreading your message far and wide. The messenger can only do so much alone, but when the messenger has helpers, that messenger’s message will spread. Having a thriving Facebook Group Page is one way to get the helpers who will spread your message for free.

9. It Allows Your Members to Learn from Each Other

Allowing your members to help each other and answer each other’s questions will leave your support team endlessly thanking you. Not only will it free up some time for your customer service staff to focus on other projects, but it will allow your customers to connect and help each other grow. Through exchanging ideas, answering questions, and sharing success stories, having a business Facebook group is an excellent way to make your customers into self-sufficient followers.

10. Test new ideas!

If you have a lot of ideas and want someone to help vet them, your Facebook group could be the first point of call. This will help you avoid wasting too much time or money on an idea that just won’t work.

You’ll want to keep mastermind groups small and private since you’re discussing ideas for your current (or next) business, so make this a secret group.

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