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The top 10 ways to use Facebook Messenger

The top 10 ways to use Facebook Messenger

You may have run a few Facebook ads in order to boost your fitness business and generate some leads. But have you given any thought into the pros to using Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with your current and future clients?

If the answer is no, then read on! More and more businesses are using Facebook Messenger to keep their client base up to date with new promotions and updates on their purchases. Facebook Messenger is one of the top rated messaging apps for mobile and tablet devices and has the best rate of retention for users in the market. The average messaging app has a retention rate of 11 percent of users in a 12 month period, while Facebook Messenger is around 6 times better.

So if you are not using Facebook Messenger yet and not sure where to start, then read the top 10 ways to use Messenger for your fitness business.

1. Choosing a username

Your username for Facebook Messenger will be the same as the one for your business. You will need to select this carefully as you want it to reflect your business. It will also be the unique part of your URL. There is a minimum of 5 characters and can contain letters, numbers and full stops.

Keep in mind that with the amount of businesses out there already using the Facebook platform, your business name may already be in use, so be creative and think about how to best capture your business in your Facebook Messenger username.

2. Use the Messenger codes

Like Snapcodes for Snapchat, Facebook Messenger also has Messenger codes that you can enable for your Facebook page. It allows people to scan your graphic and send a direct message without having to even look for your Facebook page. They can also find your Facebook page from here. This gives potential clients the opportunity to contact you quickly and directly.

3. Using Messenger links

This is similar to the Messenger codes, but you can use your Messenger link in your emails and other forms of messaging with your clients. When personally many people prefer the ease of Facebook Messenger, this is a great way to keep in contact and allow people the opportunity to view your Facebook page and delve further into your business and content.

4. Initiate the ‘Send Message’ button on ads

Local awareness ad are the easiest to create on Facebook and from here you can add a ‘Send Message’ button so potential clients can message you directly in an instant, rather than making those extra clicks to your page and possibly losing interest. Having the ability to do so without any extra steps is a great way to get people interested and starting that conversation with you while they are still intrigued by your business proposition.

5. Keep up with your customers

Facebook Messenger adds a personal touch to your conversations. Customer service and response to public messages can be done through Facebook Messenger so potential complaints can be handled privately. Or if your customer has a personal question, they can speak with you directly rather than on a public platform.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are an exciting addition to the age of social media messaging. Using a Chatbot for your Facebook Messenger can help assist customers in basic instances such as your prices, services and location. There are so many ways in which Chatbots can be a useful tool for business that using it is a must!

7. Sell in Messenger

Recently introduced, you can now sell directly through Facebook and Facebook Messenger. This is an easy and efficient way for your clients to purchase items directly through you. You can include current promotions and incentives in this way from your Facebook advertising and people need not think twice about purchasing your services – they simply click and its done.

8. Use the location sharing option

If you are struggling to find a client when you have organised an outdoor session or meeting with a potential client, you can use Messenger to show your exact location. This is a great tool as instead of explaining your location or giving an address, people can simply click the location and find it in Google Maps.

9. Collaborate with Dropbox

Gone are the days when you had to use email to get Dropbox files from colleagues. You can now send Dropbox files directly to clients and contacts with Facebook Messenger. Do you want to send a meal plan or exercise schedule to your customer? This can be done via Facebook Messenger. Not only is this so easy, but your client can easily store the files on any device that Facebook Messenger is connected to.

10. Update your following

You can use email to send out regular newsletters, but now you can also send promotions, incentives and updates to your clients through Facebook Messenger. This is quick, easy and will more likely reach them and be read more often compared to email. These days with junk email and separate accounts and inboxes, it is too easy for your emails to get lost in the onslaught that we all face every day. Plus if your clients have messaged you through Facebook Messenger, they will receive a notification you have sent a message and will be more likely to open your message.

Using a platform such as Facebook Messenger to your advantage is a great addition to your business. It gives a personal touch and keeps your clients up to date with your promotional material and their purchases. It is one of the best messaging apps on the market and is a highly effective way to communicate with your leads and clients.

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