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Don’t forget the humble email when marketing your fitness business.

Don’t forget the humble email when marketing your fitness business.

It’s so easy to get caught up with the latest and greatest. Social media is undoubtedly the big thing at the moment but email should still play an important part of your online marketing activities.

Around 85% of people around the world communicate through email – compare this to around 62% who communicate through social media.

Email may not be trendy, but it’s cheap, simple to measure and easy to target. It’s a good place to do testing, it keeps your brand visible, and at the end of the day it delivers results. Nothing beats the power of a well written and thoughtful email to the right target audience.

Whether you are sending newsletters to your current members or sending incentives to prospects, email is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can use.

Email offers one of the highest return on investment when compared to other online marketing techniques such as social media and online ads.

Almost two-thirds of internet users check their email everyday, which means that if you come up with a great email, your target audience is likely to check out the details.

Email is one of the easiest ways you can measure your success. Try different subjects and content to see which ones give you the greatest return.

It is all too easy to miss a Facebook post or a Tweet, but with emails they sit in your inbox until they are either read or deleted. And people are a lot more receptive to emails with promotions as opposed to selling through social media.

I have heard a few people say they want to give Facebook a break (I know hard to believe right) but have you ever heard anyone say they are going to quit email?

And I can also tell you that email has been the most successful source of leads for my business, Le Grand Marketing, and one which I use on a regular basis.

So what are some ways to increase the chance of your email being opened and read and not just sent to the junk folder?

  • Make sure you have a great subject line – make it simple and personal (use the recipient’s name wherever possible). Consider asking a question, “how to”, an announcement, use numbers (10 new ways to stay in shape this Summer), or an act now by a certain date,
  • Keep the email short and sweet, no one has time to read a novel,
  • Use bullet points and paragraphs to break up the text and make it easier to read,
  • Make sure there is a call to action and with a due date,
  • Don’t forget the look of the email – it should fit in with your corporate brand and look professional as this reflects on your business,
  • Include an unsubscribe option (if heaven forbid, someone doesn’t want to receive your emails, they have the option to opt out),
  • Content is king so make sure the copy is relevant, timely and engaging,
  • Ensure all your contact details and social media channels (and direct links) are listed to make it as easy as possible for the person to connect with you.

When used effectively, email marketing can spur word of mouth marketing, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and referrals for your business, all at a minimum cost. It is simple to use and, when done right, highly effective. There is no reason not to implement an email marketing campaign with all the benefits it brings.

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