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Being in the fitness and sporting industry, we support and guide our clients to improve their health and well being. We monitor their results and encourage them to have regular health check ups.


As business owners, you also need to do regular checks on your marketing activities, ensuring you are reviewing the results and getting the best return for your investment. However it is not so easy to check the health of your marketing activities as it is with your clients, especially as this is often not your main focus – managing and running a fitness or sports business is.


You may have a Web site, use Google Adwords, have a Facebook page and run some promotions but are they giving you the best return on your marketing dollars? Are they being used to their full potential? Are there other marketing activities you could be doing to increase your sales?


This is where I can help – just like your members need a trainer to help them reach their fitness goals, you may need some help with your marketing to reach your business goals. With over 20 years marketing experience and 10 years working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, my speciality is creating marketing and social media strategies for fitness centres, personal trainers and sporting clubs, to increase memberships, generate leads and improve brand awareness.


So ask yourself, can your marketing get in better shape?